• Mother – Black on White

    The World of Blah Blah.

    Symbolically written in black and white, clearly and
    precisely to identify and already eternalized by now.
    Black and white as a
 synonym for unnecessarily
    excessively increasing maculation 
of original
    pureness. Metaphorical for natural ingeniousness
 an optimum symbiosis vs. the actual world of 
    unwise Blah Blah.

    Tactic diplomacy and calculation highly beneficial
    for a constantly growing marching force of increasing
    capitalism based on maximum
 benefits, perfect in
    form, almost completely ignorant; a not ending
    and more. Immediately followed by diplomacy of
 deception, promise, avoidance and
    fictitious tactic, convoluted chitchat,
    hack-lawyerism-segmentation-blabbering of
    actually clear facts to make everything unseizably
    complicated, time-winning delaying tactics,
    lies, complexity and confusion strategies, execution
    szenarios of pretended scapegoats and all further
    expanding Blah Blah.

    No perception of purity, no elimination of original
    mistakes. Instead
 there’s an exponentially increasing
    accumulation of many new small
 mistakes /„solutions“
    that are put on. Consequently leaving underneath,

    masking, fogging, deforming and burying the original
    sources of error.

    According to all laws of probability, all knowledge,
    all findings,
 experience and historical and present
    process and the drive and
 instinct which is still there
    the circumstance of the unwise is
 not to be stopped.
    Hence the black dot at the end would stand for the
    certainty of the inevitable end. The small dot in pink
    however stands for a final shimmer
 of hope;
    actually a lie .
    ben gowertt, german contemporary artist, 
    mother - black on white, artwork,  
    art media, visual arts
    ben gowertt, zeitgenoessischer kuenstler, 
    deutschland, bildende kunst, medien kunstwerk